The Origin

'Good clothing and textiles don't have to be expensive'.
Jan Zeeman, the founder of our company, didn't just develop this sharp vision - he alsom made it a reality. Good and cheap fashion and household textiles became our specialty. Zeeman is able to offer the very best prices through a combination of extremely efficient organization and large-scale purchasing.

This immediately proved a formula for success. A unique textiles company was born. Today, our 1,250 stores serve 60 million satisfied customers a year.

Our vision for the future

We have great ambitions. We wish to become and remain the European market leader. With a clear formula. And a team that's always looking to improve. Speed, responsibility and low costs have always been our anchor points. Simplicity and care determine the way we think and act. We have made a conscious choice to set ourselves high standards. Because only if we remain 'always sharp' in all facets of our business, can we continue to surprise our customers.


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